We recycle Trash into Cash!

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Yes, we care!

April is the month dedicated to our planet Earth and for that reason we from CCBEU Goiânia , have prepared some  activities to celebrate  Earth Day  and  get our students  more envolved with the idea that the  WORLD is in OUR HANDS!

Our cultural department prepare two kinds of activities. One designed for KID’s envolving songs and the 10 principles to keep our planet clean and safe, which ended up with recycling a plastic bottle into a toy called “BILOQUÊ”.  The children that had never seen a “biloquê” before had much fun producing the toy and playing with it.

The activity designed for TEEN groups started with a forum of debates about Earth Day, rising their awarness on attitudes that we must pay attention to collaborate with our planet today, in order to keep it for the future. The teenagers contribuited a lot with their ideas and then participated in a workshop recycling plastic bottles into a  puff.

They learned how to make money using the plastic bottles they have at home.

The main idea to keep our planet  is  “We recycle Trash into Cash!” 


by  Keila Goulart

CCBEU Goiânia



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